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Voxonus Festival 2020: roots, territory and future

The Covid health emergency and its related economic crisis forced the Savona Symphony Orchestra to downsize this year’s edition of Voxonus Festival. Nevertheless, the ninth edition of the project boasts new venues and the general, growing interest of administrations and private businesses. Our schedule of events would have been full of brand new artistic collaborations and prestigious locations, but we feel satisfied to contribute to return to our usual access to culture. Even in the darkest of times, music has proven to be an extraordinary way of bringing people together.
Thanks to the kind cooperation of the municipal administrations, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the banking foundations and our sponsors, we managed, with great efforts, to return to live music. Nothing can replace the sound of an instrument or a voice, its inherent physicality: this is why we must consider music as a key resource for our culture and well-being.

Born in Albissola Marina, Voxonus Festival is the flagship of the Savona Symphony Orchestra. It was created by Claudio Gilio and Filippo M. Bressan within the prestigious ‘Academia di musici e cantori’, the only stable, symphonic, operatic and choral reality in Italy based on music and instruments of the Eight-nineteenth century. Although its trademark is the Baroque age, the repertoire opens up to crossover contaminations, which make the Festival a truly unique experience. Since 2016, the Festival ranges “from the Alps to the sea”, as a result of the fruitful synergy between Liguria and Piedmont: a successful format that strengthens the partnership between the two regions.

Over the years,Voxonus has grown to international renown while remaining faithful to its glocal approach. From August to October, this year’s edition provides a wide range of experiential moments including music, traditions, food and wine tastings, conferences and meetings that aim to promote Italy’s historic-artistic, landscape and enogastronomic heritage. In doing so, with the help of its prominent partnerships, Voxonus Festival takes on the challenge to enhance the cultural and touristic uniqueness of our country. The concerts will take place in full compliance with the health and security measures. Attendees will be required to wear PPE.

Among its ensembles, Savona Symphony Orchestra boasts “Across Duo”, a unique case in the Italian music scene devoted to pop-classical fusion. Its novelty resides not only in its unconventional music choice, but also in its artistic proposal in which two classically trained musicians – a violinist and a pianist – enter the realm of jazz / pop music. Their repertoire is made up of famous pieces rewritten and arranged by the pianist Enrico Pesce (solo artist and composer) to enhance Claudio Gilio’s one-of-a-kind new viola playing style. “Across Duo” has released many albums including the best of their concerts where jazz, pop, fusion, baroque music and metacommunicative narration meet in an unprecedented, ironic and unique way. Enrico Pesce also composed the music for the film “Un posto sicuro” (directed by Francesco Ghiaccio), a much
appreciated soundtrack featuring “Across Duo”.

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