Thirteen years of Voxonus. With over 60 concerts, Voxonus is Savona Symphony Orchestra’s festival dedicated to Baroque music. Building on the seminal experience of Academia di musici e cantori, Voxonus’ musical ensembles are composed of internationally acclaimed professionals who perform on historical instruments that enhance the writing of the period. This year’s itinerary traces cultural routes from the past and present, hence its subtitle The Continents of Music.

One festival, many themes. The main focus of Voxonus’ work is the study and rediscovery of 18th-century Italian composers whose instrumental work is considered ‘minor’ and the monographing of rarely performed compositions. A key feature of the 2024 edition will be a comparison of composers who have dedicated themselves to the string quartet, demonstrating how this composition, taken to the highest levels by Mozart and Haydn, actually originated in Italy. In addition, several 18th-century masterpieces will be performed.

Connections. Liguria, Piedmont and Apulia are Italian regions with ancient roots. Voxonus’ festival will be held at 24 locations in total, including Genoa’s Palazzo Reale, the archaeological area of Ventimiglia, Porto Venere, Sanremo, and Saluzzo’s ‘Black Cross’. There are confirmed events also at Albissola Marina, Vado Ligure, Savona, Certosa di Pesio, Varazze, Turin, and Finale Ligure. Voxonus Festival is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Regional Governments of Liguria and Piedmont, the Province of Savona, and the CRT, CRC and De Mari Foundations, among others.

New horizons. Through cultural-historical narratives, our festival enhances the rediscovery of classical music as a key to understanding the present. This is why Voxonus is committed to supporting up-and-coming artists. In fact, 2024 is the year of “Vox off – Spazio giovani”, a music circuit devoted to younger generations. And that’s not all, because with the creation of the format “Voxonus sull’Appia”, the baroque charm also moves to Apulia.